Lo nuevo de Ke$ha llegará en verano

Ha sido la propia artista la que ha confirmado la noticia a través de su Facebook oficial:

“ANIMALS!!! Miss you guys so much!!
I know you’re getting anxious for new music. But don’t fret cuz its on its way. I’m in the studio all day and all night…24/7 literally. Just to make sure you guys get the most badass album ever. I PROMISE this shit will be worth the wait. We are making some sick, dirty, sexy, sweaty, four on the floor COCK POP just for you. You WILL NOT be disappointed. It’s. Gonna. Be. Epic.
And yes I will have some hot 2012 summer jams for you…
Has your Dance Commander ever lied to you?
I LOVE YOU ALL and can’t wait for you to hear the new stuff – you’re gonna shit your pants…in the sexiest way…”

Por tanto solo tendremos que esperar a Junio para ver por donde van los tiros del nuevo disco de Ke$ha.

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